Account deletion


As part of our commitment to user privacy and data protection, we have implemented robust features that allow users to control their personal information within our banking app. This declaration outlines our approach to account deletion and data management.

Account Deletion Requirements

Our banking app adheres to Google Play’s account deletion requirements, ensuring transparency and user empowerment. Here are the key aspects:

  1. User Requests Account Deletion:
    • Users who wish to delete their account will send an email to our designated address (
    • In the email, they should provide their account details (email and cell phone number with the Service Provider name) for verification purposes.
  2. Verification and Confirmation:
    • Our support team will verify the user’s identity based on the provided information.
    • Once verified, we will send a confirmation email acknowledging the account deletion request.
  3. Processing the Request:
    • Upon receiving the confirmation, our team will initiate the account deletion process.
    • We will securely remove all associated data, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.
  4. Notification:
    • Users will receive a final email confirming the successful account deletion.
    • This email will also provide information about any remaining steps (e.g. settling outstanding balances).

By implementing this email-based approach, we prioritize user consent and ensure a smoother experience during the account deletion process. For any inquiries or assistance, users can continue to reach out via email or our customer support channels.


Our commitment to user privacy extends beyond compliance—it reflects our dedication to building trust. By offering seamless account deletion options, we empower users to manage their data confidently. For any inquiries or assistance, please contact our support team.

The Moneyit team